Check out the industry's best impact blue light glasses

2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Eye Strain

  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT - Anti eye fatigue, Prevent dry&sour eye, Reduce headache and get better sleep.
  • TR90 - Incredibly flexible, lightweight and comfortable.
  • ADVANCED LENSES - ANTI harmful bluelight, ANTI UV glare, ANTI Radiation, Water and fog resistant.
  • WASHABLE - add mild soap if needed, wash gently.
  • 10 YEARS WARRANTY - Frame and Lens Breakage Free Replacement, Feel free to contact seller for any issue.

How much time do you spend looking at a screen?

Computer time, tablet time, smart phone time, TV time it all adds up to a lot.

Then the blue ray may cause visual fatigue,affect your learning and working efficiency. Too much blue exposure may put you at risk for macular degeneration,and it definitely contributes to eyestrain,blurred vision,and affects your ability to sleep well at night.
We all know it's not healthy but it has become such a necessity to our lives.

Tired of blurred vision, headaches, light sensitivity or dry eyes? Are you having trouble sleeping after long days sitting at the computer?

Constant screen usage is now unavoidable, so take action and reduce your risk of long term eye issues with TANLYS glasses that prevent harmful levels of blue light while still giving you an optimum viewing experience.
Now that we are using more digital devices at home and work.
It is important to care for our eyes as much as possible.

Washed Directly

After use, our glasses products are not limited to glasses cleaners, but can also be rinsed directly with clean water, which can also achieve a good cleaning effect